Thursday, April 22, 2010

MDSC Scout Executives Cancel Meeting with Public

Mount Diablo Silverado Council 77 Foot Cell Phone Tower:
April 22, 2010

Mount Diablo Silverado Council Executives cancel meeting with the El Cerrito Public about the 77 foot Cell Tower they are proposing with T-Mobile for money. After waiting since January to meet with the Council Executives, the executives cancelled the meeting less than 48 hours and for some less that 12 hours before the meeting. Many had changed travel plans to be there, including specialist that canceled out of country plans to be there. Originally stated the cancellation was because of neighbors' requests for more meeting time, it was found that the meeting was canceled due to T-Mobile's delay of updated plans to the city. The assigned PR person, who has never met with the community, is no longer assigned to thisproject. Community members continue to be amazed that the council will not meet, and will not communicate to its membership.

Evaluation of the T-Mobile equipment shows this is not a Tower for Reception in El Cerrito, but a high powered site for balancing load across other sites. Is this needed for El Cerrito service, no. T-Mobile stated at the City Planning meeting, it needs Towers every 1/4 mile. Can you imagine that?

Local Child Care, has written that this will impact their business.

Sierra Club is opposed to the Tower and its hazards on the community and wildlife.

This Tower will be fully visible from Arlington Park and Arlington Blvd as a fake tree, and reminder of the hazards it brings.


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