Saturday, April 10, 2010

Important Community Meeting with Scout Executives: APRIL 14, 6-7 p.m.

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April 3 Update:

Nearly 4 months after announcing their plan to build a 77' cell phone / 3G tower in the Camp Herms parking lot next to Arlington Park, the Scout Executives have scheduled a meeting to update the community and present a study they have had done.

The meeting will be Wednesday, April 14 from 6 to 7 p.m. at the Camp Herms Lodge. Please note that this is scheduled at dinner time on the night before taxes are due. Please plan ahead so you can be at this very important meeting. It is important to express the community concern and growing public opposition to the Tower. The entrance to Camp Herms is from Thors Bay Road and James Place, on the north side of Arlington Park.

What we have found:

1. Is not needed: We have found that this T-Mobile Tower is not needed. There is a T-Mobile site less than 1/2 mile away.

2. The Boy Scout Executives have not communicated the plans for this Tower to their membership and will not agree (as asked by troop 100 ASM) to do so. The MDSC Executives said they would not sign contract with T-Mobile until they talked with the community about their concerns, and until they had completed an independent report looking into public concerns. Neither has happened and a contract is signed. The independent report was just communicated to be a report by an engineering firm Hammet & Edison (the engineering firm used by wireless companies).

3. Is a very high power site: Engineering review of the Tower, show this as one of the highest power sites, more geared for "smart" service and future expansion and offloading from other sites, versus for service in El Cerrito, as stated. It is strong enough to go 50-75 miles out.

4. Health Hazards: Studies are showing increased risk of health hazards near Towers (see links on the blog).

5. This Fake Tree Tower will be visible from Arlington Park, Arlington Blvd, Neighbors and prominent directly in line and view as you enter Camp Herms and park next to it in the parking lot.

6. Sudies show impacts to property values and thus also city property tax. The city and community will be impacted by this Tower.

7. Sierra Club opposes this Tower and its location.

8. San Francisco board of Supervisors' Resolution on the potential health impacts of wireless facilities passed and was signed by Mayor Newsom. It asks for the FCC to update existing standards that only cover thermal radiation and leave open the impacts of low frequency non-ionizing electro magnetic radiation where studies show increased cancer rates. It asks for the repeal of limitations that prevent State and Local governments from considering health concerns in siting of wireless facilities in the Telecommunications Act of 1996.

If you can lend a hand with press, research, strategy or anything, please reply at

Thanks, and see you on the 14th!

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