Wednesday, February 24, 2010

APACT for Responsible Cell Tower Siting

Camp Herms Boy Scout Executives Propose to Install Large, Radiation-Emitting Commercial Cell Tower and Antennas Above Arlington Park

- Commercial project will subject families, children, boy scouts and Neighbors to continuous EMR Radiation 24 hours a day

- Studies suggest that children should be at least 1,300 feet (1/4 mile) from such emitters

- Studies show mounting concern about Cell Towers and decreased surrounding Property values

- T-Mobile already owns the Moesar & Arlington Site less than ½ mile away.

- Cell Tower Sites should not be near Parks, Schools, and Residential areas. Example: Los Angeles County is stopping all such Installations near their schools.

Answers about the proposed Camp Herms Boy Scout T-Mobile Cell Tower

1. What is this? It is a commercial wireless broadcasting tower with proposed 6-12 antenna, expandable to 36.

2. What is its purpose? Plans submitted to the city stated it was to increase service in El Cerrito. Testing of T-Mobile phones showed that the areas stated with no or low service, had full service. It will NOT improve cell phone reception. They plan to offload and balance other sites to El Cerrito.

3. Is this needed? Absolutely not! T-Mobile has coverage and an Antenna site at Moesar and Arlington, less than ½ mile away.

4. Who would benefit from this commercial installation? Mt. Diablo Silverado Council, boy scouts, would receive payment from T-Mobile.

5. Is this safe? Multiple studies – primarily in Europe – conclude that living, working or spending the day at a park or school near such emitters is dangerous, especially for children. For example:

- Growing evidence shows that even small emissions from cell phone towers are “dangerous to human health” [Health Effects from Cell Phone Tower Radiation.]

- Studies show living within ¼ mile of such antennas increases cancer 3 to 4 times. [Cell Phone Towers: How Far is Safe? ] (Santini 2002)

- “As a general rule, cell towers should not be placed near schools.” They should not be placed near residential areas, public parks, nursing homes, etc. [ ]

For now, few families want their children anywhere near such antennas.

6. Do Cell Phone Towers reduce property values? Yes, studies show mounting concern about cell tower health risks, and decreased surrounding property values. [Study by Sandy Bond, PhD, Appraisal Institute and realtors.

7. Where is it to be located? Just inside the entrance to Camp Herms, just above Arlington Park, in the south/east corner of the parking lot as you drive in. 77 Foot Metal and Plastic Tree with 6-12 antenna, capacity set up for 36 antenna.

8. Where can I get more information?
What are the health risks? [ ]
Resolutions to Regulate Cell Tower Sitings [ ]
International Association of Fire Fighters oppose Cell Towers on their sites “until proven not hazardous to health” []

Documented adverse health effects of Cell radio-frequency (RF, EMR) Towers:

– decreased immune function
– DNA damage
-- sleep disorders & decrease in REM sleep (important for memory & learning); Santini 2002
– impaired nervous system activity
– slowed motor skills & reaction time in school children
– loss of concentration
-- cancer
-- Alzheimer’s
– significant increases in leukemia & bladder cancer in children & adults